T & R Automotive Center

3898 California Street

San Francisco, CA  94118

(415) 752-0646

Let T&R provide you with a regularly scheduled preventative maintenance program to best ensure a properly functioning automobile while reducing your financial burden for unnecessary future repair costs.

 SERVICing ALL EUROPEAN Automobiles:

  •  Regularly change oil
  •  Monitor all fluids
  •  Change all filters
  •  Check belts and hoses
  •  Maintain transmission
  •  Flush the radiator
  •  Change spark plugs as required
  •  Monitor battery and electrical system

Services offered

Preventative maintenance can be the difference between a good performing car, and a hefty future repair bill if not monitored on a routine basis.

There are time proven best practices to maintaining a healthy vehicle. Here are just a few for your consideration:

Preventative maintenance

  •  Computer Diagnostics
  •  Extended Warranty 
  •  Service Tune Up
  •  Smog Check 
  •  Transmission Service 
  •  Brakes including ABS Systems
  •  Electrical Troubleshooting 
  •  Oil and Filter Change 
  •  Tire Repair and Replacement
  •  Check Engine Light Service 
  •  Engine Repair 
  •  Wheel Balancing and Alignment
  •  Battery Service 
  •  Clutch Service 
  •  Suspension Repair
  •  Factory Scheduled Maintenance
  •  Fleet Service Program